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Foundation Repair

At Basement Waterproofing Solutions we are happy to offer foundation repair to your home. There are many symptoms that can tell you when you have a foundation in need of repair. Here are just a few of those signs:

*Shifting walls
*Cracks on the walls including drywall
*Cracks on outside brick walls
*Seperation of cement
*Doors & windows are sticking
*Gaps between crown molding and ceiling
*Gaps between your flooring and walls
*Patios that have pulled away from your home
*Bowing within your basement floors

Keep in mind that early detection of foundation repairs can save you thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in the future. Many of the signs above can help you to catch your foundaton problem early.

The experts at Basement Waterproofing Solutions are happy to come to your home with a free consultation. This will be a tremendous benefit that will allow you to understand the extent of the problem, hopefully before it becomes serious.

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Sometimes the problem is on the outside of the basement. When conditions allow, exterior solutions are available.

Our experts have been providing solutions in the local area for over 20 years.

We are happy to offer a free conslutation to evaluate your exact problem.

foundation repair harrisburg pa

Crumbling and deteriorating foundation walls can be rejuvenated with parging applications. This can be done over stone walls, poured concrete walls, or cement block.

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When finishing your basement to make living space, Egress Windows are required by many local codes.

foundation repair company harrisburg pa

We will evaluate and devise a solution for getting rid of mold or musty odors based on protocols set by the EPA guidelines to ensure a healthy living environment.


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If you find your basement under pressure from a hydrostatic issue or lateral pressure, you may require a sub-floor dual pressure relief system.Our system will ensure your basement will be dry and sound.

foundation repair near me harrisburg pa

Basement Waterproofing Solutions has the capability to keep your crawl space dry and, as a result, safe from the potential hazards of musty odors, damage due to water intrusion, and pest infestation.


foundation repair company harrisburg pa